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Learn Key Safety Words

What key words trigger bullies to stop what they're doing

How To Identify Bullies

Spot the bully before anything happens

Weight Loss for Kids

Create meal plans kids LOVE and keep asking for

Healthy Foods Kids Love

Eating clean doesn't mean gross food!

Undercover Black Belt

Get ready for Yes Sir's / Ma'ams and Black Belt behavior

At Home Ninja Secrets

Watch your ninjas do their chores before you ask them

Bullyproof Fitness revolutionizes
Self-Defense and Fitness as we know it.

Why Bully proof fitness has become the #1 best selling book on amazon

The Battle Against Bullies

92% of kids who report being bullied report that it is because of their body shape and their looks. It’s time to change that and help kids become confident in who they are.

The Battle Against Belly's

Exercise on 4 or more days per week was associated with a startling 23% reduction in sadness, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal attempts in all bullied students. 

Creating Super Ninja's

Martial Arts is the BEST ways children can learn how to have unshakable, razor sharp focus. Kids are able to pay attention in school AND feel better about themselves.


If you’re like most parents you know the agony of telling your children to pick up their toys……. 10 times in a row. 

It’s painful for both you and your child, and if your child thinks it’s difficult to follow directions now, what’ll happen when they go to high school, college or get a job?

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever experienced any of this

If you’re like most school administrators, you know how vital it is to build strong leaders today, I mean they are our future right? 

It’s painful hearing statistics that show the bully epidemic skyrocketing, child obesity going through the roof, what’ll happen to these kids when they go to high school, college or get a job?

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever experienced any of this


Giving Kids Resources To Become The Best Versions Of Themselves!

The ultimate guide for parents to win the battle against bullies, bellies, and make your kids feel like a super ninja!

Best in Class For A Reason!

Parents and Educators all across the world are turning to Bully Proof Fitness as their #1 go to resource. Kids are safer, stronger and better because of it.

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A Simple Meal Plan and Workout Regime
Can Drastically Change The Course Of Our Lives

Enroll Your Child In Our Complete Bully Proof Course!

Join the thousands of people who have made this book the #1 seller, and take the next step by enrolling your child today.



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